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Ear Cuffs Set #2 Patterns

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Crafty Intentions CROCHET PATTERN Ear Cuffs Set 2 pattern (printable PDF-file / 91 pages)

Developed by Megan Lapp aka Crafty Intentions, this crochet pattern is for TEN unique Ear Cuff Designs!! This pattern is written in U.S. terminology.

This pattern comes with instructions to make any of 10 unique ear cuff designs!! Everything you see in the photos is included in the pattern AND MORE! This pattern includes Triple Feather Wing Ear Cuffs, Shaped Angel Wing Ear Cuffs, Flower Ear Cuffs, Gear Ear Cuffs, Halo and Spikes Ear Cuffs, Mermaid Ear Cuffs, Scalloped Ear Cuffs, Wavy Rays Ear Cuffs, Slim Spikes Ear Cuffs, and Small Fin Ear Cuffs! All instructions are carefully depicted with words and photos! This pattern features clear step by step instruction with a lot of row-by-row photos. You do not need pierced ears for these ear cuffs! They work great for ANYONE who has ears!

This pattern is a total of 91 pages containing a full set of written instructions with photographic illustrations, and there are video tutorials for particular steps and stitches available on my YouTube channel. This Pattern consists of ONE PDF File, and the last 18 pages are Text-Only, Printer-Friendly instructions, but I strongly recommend you still refer to the photographic illustrations throughout the pattern if you have any questions.

This pattern is available in English, Spanish, German, and French.

Este patrón está disponible en español.

Diese Anleitung ist sowohl auf Deutsch erhältlich.

Une traduction française du patron est maintenant disponible.


"Not only are the ear cuffs super cute but they also help stabilize my hearing aids making them super helpful and accessible fashion!”

--Adwen D.

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An Ear Cuff from this pattern is approximately 5-8 inches long from top to bottom and 2-4 inches wide (not including metal ear cuff).

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Yarn, in worsted weight, all amounts are approximate, all amounts are for 2 ears cuffs:

Style 11 Triple Feather Wings: 36 yds

Style 12 Shaped Angel Wings: 50 yds

Style 13 Flowers: Petal Color: 3-4 yds per petal (11-13 petals per cuff)

Center Color: 20 yds

Style 14 Gears: 25 yds

Style 15 Halo and Spikes: 22 yds

Style 16 Mermaid Fins: Main Color 23 yds

Accent Color: 17 yds

Style 17 Scalloped Petals: 65 yds

Style 18 Wavy Rays: 40 yds

Style 19 8 Slim Spikes: 20 yds

Style 20 Small Fins: 10 yds

**Note: To make any of the ear cuff pieces smaller or more delicate (e.g. for a child or small adult), use a light weight/DK yarn (or a Sport weight for the Lace Cuff) and an F (3.75mm) hook.

G (4.0mm) Hook or F (3.75mm hook)

Darning Needle

Metal Ear Cuff, available at craft stores or online; also listed in the Crafty Intentions Amazon Affiliate Shop: under Non-Yarn Crochet Project Supplies. Typically listed as a Jewelry finding supply.

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• suitable for Intermediate skill level or above

• pattern contains clearly explained instructions for each round

• many step-by-step photos

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**This pattern has been tested!**

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Modeling by Harper Miriam Conway Lapp and Shalynn GioVinco.

© 2023 Megan Lapp, Crafty Intentions™. All rights reserved. This pattern is FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY. The pattern (or parts of it) may not be reproduced, distributed or resold, translated, published, altered, shared or posted (for sale or free) over the internet or offline. You can sell items made from this pattern, provided they are handmade by yourself in a limited number and you give credit to the designer. Please add the following lines to your item description and any item you are selling: “This item is handmade by (your name) from a design and pattern by Megan Lapp, Crafty Intentions™”.

You will get the following files:
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